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“Medical Billing Services was the ideal solution for my medical practice. I used to waste several hours a month trying to sort out cash flow issues, within one month all of my problems were solved.”

“In 2007 my Family Practice Medical Center was thriving, at least when it came to the number of patients we had. It was my fifth year since we opened and our patient numbers grew approximately 70%. This is a blessing and would make any private practice very please. Unfortunately our reimbursement numbers were extremely low. Insurance companies were rejecting claims left and right. I spoke with my friend who has done quite well with his Chiropractic business, in hope he can give me some pointers. He told me, “When your numbers are this high, in-house billing will be difficult to maintain”. He then referred me to TFC Service Bureau. Within a few short months our revenue grow and claims I thought we would never see, was paid to us. I thank the team at TFC Service Bureau, without their help, my practice could have failed.”
~ MD Hellen Dowel

“The staff at TFC are like family. I’m a cardiologist and I been working with TFC Service Bureau for almost 7 years now. I call them “friendly sharks”. Their moto is “if you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid” and I’m pretty sure that is why they work so hard to ensure my practice gets reimbursed. TFC Service Bureau make sure to keep me updated on my account. And they ensure me that I do not have to worry. That is the best part, they do all the medical billing, and all the worrying for me, so I can focus on my patients. ~Dr. Joseph Caven

“TFC Service Bureau is by far the Best Medical Billing Company. I definitely approve of their services. I have and will continue to referrer TFC Service Bureau to other healthcare professionals looking to outsource their medical billing.” ~ MD. Sue Davidson

“We started this practice in 2002. We have primary care physicians, physical therapist, and Chiropractors. There’s an average of 300 to 350 patients that come through our door and are treated by our professionals. If you provide great services but can’t collect payment, you’ll eventually run out of gas to keep your business running, and all the patients that count on you will be left standing without the services they know and love. Before we outsource to TFC I had about 5 individuals doing the medical billing full time and I notice year After year our collection numbers were dropping. In 2005 one of the girls doing the medical billing came to me and said “we have to face it, we’ll never collect more than 35% in medicine”. At that moment I automatically made the decision to stop doing my own billing. So I sort out to inquire with a few billing companies and fortunately I ran into an old college friend who’s now a pediatrician referred me to the billing company he works with, which is TFC Service Bureau. He had so many good things to say about TFC, and told me he highly recommended them. I met with a consultant and was very pleased to see they understood all aspects of our practices. Our collections went up to 61% in the first 2 years and almost 8 years later, we still work with TFC Service Bureau and they continue to give us great numbers. I think they do so well because one of their mottos are “if our clients don’t get paid, we don’t get paid”. We have a great relationship and I highly recommend them to health care providers and practices.” ~ Dr. Jean Patterson

Hi my name is Dr. Laura Belton, I’m a General Practitioner. I went into business with my former partner Dr. Tom Wright. We started a successful family health practice in Florida. After 5 years my partner became ill and had to take an early retirement. Before Dr. Wright retired we had an in house medical biller. When I took over I decided to outsource it primarily to save some money. Unfortunately the first medical billing company was not very service oriented. We had a lot of problems communicating with them, the consultant assigned to our account was frequently unavailable. And we saw our reimbursement go down so we had to change companies. Medical billing is complex. What I do is a specialty. I take care of people of all ages, from infants to the elderly patients. And that’s what I do well. Medical billing is also a specialty and that is not something I do well. The relationship that we have with each third party payer be it Medicare, Medicaid, or other private insurance is different with each type of company. TFC Service Bureau help us communicate with insurance companies about what we do. Insurance companies want to know the day of service, what services were provided, and they have codes you have to submit so the medical personnel can be paid. It’s a lot to deal with, and it can be tough. Luckily I found TFC Service Bureau and they handle all our medical billing, problems, and they have superior communication skills with our account via phone, email, and fax. I have personally formed a friendship with the owner of TFC SB Mr. Fleurantin. He always say he truly cares about each of his accounts and he has made sure to bring people on his team that cares just as much as himself. And from my experience I believe him; hand down. I’ve now had an account with TFC Service Bureau for about 5 years now, and my only complaint is that I wish I found them sooner. ~ Dr. Laura Belton

“TFC Service Bureau is an Excellent! Medical Billing Company, they’ve been doing all my billing for the past 2 years and I see a major difference in my office’s revenue. I just want now thank TFC Service Bureau and the awesome team they have over there.” ~ Dr. Collin Daniels

“I’ve been an Independent Contractor with TFC Service bureau for 10 years. I started with them maybe a year after I received my LPN license. They were fairly new and so was I. I really appreciated the opportunity. Roughly 3 years after that I then received my RN license. And still to this day I continue to work with TFC Service Bureau. The Healthcare policies are constantly changing. TFC Service Bureau keep me informed and that’s what help keep my payments flowing steady.
~ RN Kathy Brooks

“In my experience with Medical Billing companies TFC Service Bureau is by far the best, I been working with them for 5 years and I will continue working with them for another 25 years.” ~ Dr. Gary Johnson

“I highly recommend Healthcare Providers work with TFC Service Bureau, you will not regret it” ~ RN Merrill White

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